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about us

Global Wordsmiths is a social enterprise that provides language translation, localization and interpretation services, as well as language access consulting and training for organizations such as hospitals and healthcare systems, nonprofits, school districts, the private sector,  and governments.

Profits generated through our business activities are used to finance innovative social impact initiatives. These initiatives: 

Our mission is to create and advance a culture of language accessibility. This directly enables equitable access to services for English-learning immigrants and refugees who need these vital services to integrate and thrive, while also helping clients expand their service capacity, remain legally compliant, and build sustainable accessibility policies.

Our innovative revenue model is built on the notion that an organization can be both financially sustainable and change the world. Profits are channeled into meaningful community service, accelerating the growth of the organization in turn, and maximizing social impact as the end result.


Through fiscal sponsorship, we are able to accept foundation support to offset programmatic costs. This mix of partnership, a commitment to social equity, and professional service results in a truly special organization that is changing the accessibility landscape. 

To learn more, contact us anytime at (412) 228-0240 or

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