Global Wordsmiths was founded on the guiding principles that all people deserve access to services, that our linguists deserve quality jobs, and that we must give back to our communities. We provide low-cost or no-cost, high-quality language translation and interpretation services in legal, business, conference, educational, medical, and mental health settings, among others.

Full-Scale Business Model: Global Wordsmiths is a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation that offers Simultaneous, Consecutive, Liaison, Whispered, Telephonic and Conference Interpretation, as well as Certified, Technical, Medical, Literary, Legal and Software/ Web Translations. We currently offer these services in the Amharic, Arabic, ASL, Bengali, Burmese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chizigula, Dari, French, German, Haitian, Hindi, Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Korean, Mi-Mi, Nepali, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tigrinya, Taiwanese, Turkish, Ukraine, Urdu, Uzbek, and Vietnamese languages.

 Accessibility: One way that Global Wordsmiths reduces language access barriers is by offering services at a much lower-than-average rate so that local nonprofits and service providers can afford to engage interpreters for their clients.  We do not charge an hourly minimum or a fee for transportation within Allegheny County. We do not charge a cancellation penalty to our clients, and our prices are flexible depending on the type and capacity of the organization requesting services. No fine print- just a flat hourly rate and professional, high-quality service.

 Our Interpreters: We believe that our linguists deserve quality jobs with fair pay and access to benefits. Any interpreter working twenty-five hours or more per week is given the option to convert to full employee status with health benefit options covered at up to 50% by the company, as well as paid family leave. Each of our Interpreters is given at minimum twenty hours of training, including Interpreter Best Practices, Written Translation Best Practices, HIPAA compliance, CPR/ First Aid certification, Act 33, Act 34 and FBI Clearances, and Mandated Reporting. We believe that providing our staff with the tools they need to succeed and a supportive work environment results in a culture that promotes quality from the inside out. 

Social Enterprise Model:  We believe that we must give back to our communities. Global Wordsmiths has created three separate initiatives that directly improve the quality of life of those with Limited English Proficiency in Western Pennsylvania by improving language access in the region. 

1.     Our Volunteer Initiative, The Language Access Project, provides bilingual university students with comprehensive interpreter training, service learning experience, monitoring and support, mentorship and professional references in exchange for volunteer hours. We then pair these trained volunteer interpreters with Partner Organizations at no cost so that these organizations can provide their clients with free language interpretation and translation services.

2.     We believe that when Service Providers understand the importance of language services, can identify when language services are necessary, have a plan in place for engaging language services, and understand how to work with interpreters, they will be more likely to provide language access to their clients. Our second initiative, The Community Engagement Project provides language access trainings that are free and open to the community in order to facilitate this knowledge and capacity.

3.     Finally, any profits that remain at the end of each fiscal year are donated to small nonprofits working directly with immigrants and refugees in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

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